(What we do,. . . Why we do it,. . . How we do it)

(What we do)

We focus primarily on just one of the many things, Christ Jesus told all Christians to do.  That one thing is . . . Cast out demons!  Generally, we refer to the process, and results, of Casting out demons as . . . deliverance.”

Normally, we cast out demons from only those people who we believe, truly desire to be free of their inhabiting demons. 

We teach people how to help keep demons out of themselves.   

We teach people to help other people, by teaching them to do, what we do. 

Casting out demons, seems to be ignored, by more than 95% of Christians, worldwide! 

We believe billions of people, worldwide, are needlessly suffering due to inhabiting demons. 

Casting out demons, is not all we do.  We do not ignore all the other things Christ Jesus told us to do. 

Casting out demons was a large part of the earthly ministry of Christ Jesus, and it should be a large part of preaching the gospel of Christ Jesus, today!    

Many times . . . spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological, and physical healing comes soon after inhabiting demons are cast out of a person.

(Why we cast out demons)

Primarily, we cast out demons because Christ Jesus said, in Biblical Scripture John 14:12, if we believe in him, we will do the same works he did, and even greater works.  We believe in Christ Jesus!

Christ Jesus is Lord of lords, and King of kings, He loves you, and He paid for your freedom!

(How we cast out demons)

In the precious name of Christ Jesus, we cast out demons by first removing all their legal rights and permissions to remain associated with a person, then commanding/forcing the demons to get out of the person. 

You can discover significantly more details regarding deliverance, by reading the below Biblical scriptures, by searching the Videos section, and Documents section, of this website.

IMPORTANT – Please read the below Biblical Scriptures;

Note: Below scriptures with only one verse, have a direct link to click-on, to read various versions of the scripture.  Multiple verse scriptures, can be easily searched as described below.  

The easiest way would be to first . . . right-click on a single verse scripture, . . . then left-click on “open link in new tab” at the top of the pop-up window, and you will be taken to “BibleHub.com.”  Then search multiple verse scriptures once on Biblehub.com website.

Matthew 4:10,    Matthew 8:16,    Matthew 8:29-33,    Matthew 9:33-38,    Matthew 10:8,    Matthew 12:24-28,    Mark 1:34,    Mark 1:39,    Mark 3:20-30,    Mark 5:1-20,    Mark 7:24-30,    Mark 9:14-29,    Mark 16:9,    Mark 16:17-20,    Luke 4:18,    Luke 4:31-36,    Luke 4:38-40,    Luke 8:26-39,    Luke 9:1-2,    Luke 10:19-20,    Luke 11:14-23,    Luke 13:32,    John 3:16-21,    John 14:12,    Act 5:16,    Acts 8:7,    Acts 16:16-18,    Acts 19:12-20,    Galatians 3:13-15,    Philippians 2:1-11,    Colossians 1:131 Timothy 4:1,    James 2:14-26,    1 John 5:4