What is deliverance?

Deliverance is the process, and results, of casting demons out of, off of, and away from people.

Indisputably, getting free, and staying free, of demonic influence … is the desire of the LORD God Almighty, for all of his children!  Deliverance is not the complete solution for all of life’s struggles, trials, and tribulations.  However, in my experience, deliverance can quickly result in immense advancement, in our quest, to live the victorious life we were created to live.

If you sincerely want deliverance, please follow the below instructions.

First, (excluding the documents page) read all of the other information on all the web pages on this website,  including all of the referenced Biblical scriptures.

Then, (if you have not already done so) watch/listen to, all five videos; the Introduction, and parts one through four.

Then, go to the “Documentsweb page, (on the lower left of the web page,) and read all of the applicable documents located in the For Deliverance Candidatessection.

Then, complete the electronically fillable Pre-Deliverance History Form, and email it back to us.

(If you do not hear from us within five days after emailing your form, please email us again.)

Then, read aloud the Pre-Deliverance Prayers at least once per day . . . preferably more.

After we receive your form, we will read it and pray about it, and if we have any questions, we will email you.

If we don’t email you with questions, we will email you regarding scheduling your first deliverance via Skype.

Additionally, when you email your Pre-Deliverance History Form, please tell us your time zone, the best days of the week, and times of the day, for your first deliverance session, which will normally be scheduled for about four hours.

If you believe you may be interested in being trained to do deliverance ministry, please tell us about your interest during your first deliverance session.

Deliverance and Training is Free of charge!

Freely we have been given, freely we give, in the precious name of Christ Jesus!